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DACTS704C Generators Auto Controller

The DACTS704Cmodule was designed to start and stop the diesel generator manually or automatically. The DACTS704Cmonitors the engine at real-time, shuts down the engine automatically for an engine failure. The user also has the facility to view the system operating parameters via the LCD display.



l  True RMS Volts, Current and Power monitoring

l  Six configurable inputs & outputs

l  Failure shutdown protection function

l  One configurable sensor curve

l  Save at most 32 failure records

l  Fully configurable via PC software

l  Front panel editor

l  LCD and LED alarm indication

l  Configurable timers and alarms

l  RS232 & RS485 communication interface



DC supply

Continuous voltage rating: 8 to 36V DC

Alternator inputs

AC input: 25 - 620V (L-L); 15 - 360V (L-N)

Relay outputs

Start & Fuel :16A/ 30V DC at supply voltage

Configurable 1-5:5A/ 30V DC at supply voltage

Configurable 6:3A/ 30V DC at supply voltage



Panel cut-out:196mm(L)X136mm(W)


The module provides engine and electrical metering facilities via the wide screen LCD display with the following instrumentation displays, accessed via the up push-button:

Generator volts L1,L2,L3


Generator volts L1-L2,L2-L3,L3-L1

Battery volts

Load current L1,L2,L3

Coolant temperature

Generator frequency Hz

Oil Pressure

Engine Speed RPM

Fuel level

Generator active power

Oil temperature

Generator apparent power